PT.Uman Surya Alam

PT. Uman Surya Alam is an independent Indonesian owned and operated company, established in 2003 firstly named CV. Uman Sutra Alam. In order to fulfill the demands of the market and to maintain our existency, we change our company name to PT. Uman Surya Alam.

PT. Uman Surya Alam is a specialist in Repair AC/DC Electro motor, Generator, Transformer, Switchgear LV/HV, Drive, Contract service condition monitoring, Mechanical electrical supplier, site service installation and design both local and overseas. We provides industry with component product delivering innovation and electrification applications.

PT. Uman Surya Alam commits to provide the best products and quality of service. The goal of us is to meet your expectations. We offer local service in engineering, production manufacturing and testing of modern LV technology. If you need our assist please do not hesitate to contact us or send us an email.


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PT.Uman Surya Alam to become a leading business partner in service for the worldclass business.

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PT.Uman Surya Alam a companies that moves together to become the leading service company in Indonesia and the world. Promoting quality, health, safety and environtmental sustainability.

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